Craigslist Still Unable to Control False Ghosting and Flagging in 2018

I’ve been using Craigslist to advertise my computer services since the 90’s. In 2018, Craigslist is still unable to control false Ghosting and Flagging. Any competitor can use Ghosting and Flagging software in 2018 to give them an edge. If this is your plan, I’d recommend a strong VPN or perhaps your own proxy server, maybe both. I’ve been a self employed computer consultant since the 90’s in South Florida. I opened a CL account in 1996, used it with great success until it got hacked and shutdown. I decided not to bother with it and created another account in 2007, which I am using right now. In 2018, I’m still posting to CL with success. In fact, I just refreshed my CL ads yesterday. 🙂 Anyone who has posted on Craigslist as long as I, knows getting Flagged or Ghosted is something you may need to get use to until CL fixes this. Remember, the majority of these Flags and Ghostings are not random. It’s more than likely not Craigslist either, it’s your competitors.