If you have never heard of, or had experience with the Windows error BAD_POOL_HEADER, it can be scary. The BAD_POOL_HEADER error is usually associated with the way Windows allocates memory/RAM to devices and applications. Device drivers are usually the most common cause. Other causes including hard drive disk write errors and bad sectors that only … Read more

System running low on resources – Cannot log on as new user [Fixed]

I had a client with this Windows 7 Error “System running low on resources – Cannot log on as new user”. Read on to see how I fixed it. Keep in-mind, the fix for this isn’t the same on all systems, so what works on one system may not work on another.

How it works

Upon restarting the clients computer the error “System running low on resources – Cannot log on as new user” would pop up. This particular error usually happens when there are more than one user accounts on a single system and the system is having issues with managing it’s memory. So rather than the user closing all programs and logging off, they would switch user accounts before shutting down programs. The next time you reboot your computer you will more than likely see the “System running low on resources – Cannot log on as new user” error. Why Because you “switched” user accounts rather than “logging off”, and you let virus programs, web browsers and games run. Whether you get this error or not usually depends on how much resources your system has available and how well your operating system manages it’s memory. These errors are usually found on lower end computers with small amounts of memory. This error was pretty common on Windows Vista.

The Fix

Make sure there are no programs starting up with each account. Make sure both accounts are free of viruses and unnecessary browser extensions. Log off the second user account, log into the Administrators account, restart the computer. The error should be gone. This worked for me.

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Microsoft Office Alternatives

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Windows 7 Update Service Not Updating [Fixed]

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Transfer iPhone Media to Windows

Transfer iPhone Media to Windows

1. Http://
2. Install.
3. Close iTunes.
4. Plug your iPhone into your Windows computer.
5. Drag and drop your “photos” to your desktop or where ever you want to save them to and do the same for your “iTunes_Control” folder.

Hope this helped!

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